Social Media Agency – Evolved.

We’re truly a new kind of Social Media Agency. By tailoring each package based on our client’s goals we’re able to achieve increased conversions for your business using advanced tools and techniques.

Before Pumped Social

You may have tried social media yourself, or hired a freelancer due to the huge time drain caused. The results can be disheartening.

After You Join Us

You’ll see growth across the social platforms we’ve chosen for your Brand or Company. Enjoy clarity, increased engagement and traffic that converts.

We like working with passionate people.

We Scale To Your Unique Goals.

With all of our clients we carefully handpick the tools and our team specialists required to achieve your business’ goals. We tailor your strategy based on our in-depth analysis on your niche and your competitive landscape. Once we’re all completely happy with the structure and timelines developed, the work on your social media management, inbound data and email automation begins. At our core is an inspiring copywriting team, who’ll write posts, blogs and curate content that will be conversation starters, informative and engaging material supported by systems to track your most popular content which drives your email subscribers up!

Uniquely developed content, which provides value to your audience is the basis of all successful inbound marketing campaigns, what’s the point of social media if you’re not sending people to your website and getting them to share your content?! Top quality blogs and articles based around your niche make a serious impact online and will leave your brand’s name, knowledge and ethos in the forefront of people’s minds. Social Media is how we’ll drive your audience to your website where our systems will learn and nurture those leads through intelligent targeted emails and re-marketing, this is of course if you don’t already have those systems in place.

Our Industry Expertise
  • Cycling Shops / Brands
  • Fitness Industries
  • Gyms & PT’s
  • Fitness Course Providers
  • Vape Shops / E-cig Shops
Our Specialties
  • Social Media Management
  • Creative Design
  • Facebook Ads
  • Growth Hacking
  • Advanced Email Nurturing
Our Approach
  • Great Client Relationships
  • Consistent Brand Voice
  • Interpreting in-depth data
  • Innovation Through Tech
  • Constant Refinement
Our Ethos
  • Completely Bespoke Plans
  • Humanising Social Media
  • Scaleable Services 
  • Industry Leading Content
  • Educating Our Clients
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It’s about time you
showed your competition who’s boss.

With our unique mix of skills and experience we’re offering high performance Social Media whether it’s full social media management or Paid Ads Management. We don’t need to tell you Social Media works but only if it’s done properly, and we mean business. Every company is unique and after working with over 200 clients at Mediaraft (We’re a dedicated division of this proven agency) we’ve worked with everyone from Start-Ups to Big Brands.

We can scale based on your goals and create a mix of tools, and a hand picked team of specialists that will work for your business to increase brand exposure and boost ROI.

How We Get Results For You

This is a breakdown of our tried and tested process
Research & Analysis

Research into your specific industry niche creates strong foundations and continually informs your strategy as we monitor live data. From audience segmentation, competitor analysis to identifying industry influencers we’re on it.
Quality Content

Delivering high quality copy for anything from Blogs to Ads. Engaging your target audience(s), conveying passion and demonstrating knowledge thus adding value, increasing email signups and a data rich list that can be nurtured & monetised.
Organic Growth

By acquiring real time social insights we can connect with your target audiences and influencers to build authority and drive relevant traffic to dynamic landing pages.
Next level Reporting

You’ll recieve easily consumable, visually stunning reports, which enable you to easily track progress, including campaign ideas based on metrics and trends.


Once we’ve carefully created your strategy from our business analysis and you’re completely happy with the structure we’ve developed, the work on your accounts begins. Our in-house social media and copywriting team write posts and curate content that will be scheduled to hit your audience at the perfect times; when they are most active, with conversation starters and informative, engaging material.


Our content marketing service fits hand in hand with social media account management. Uniquely developed, valuable content is the basis of all successful inbound marketing campaigns. Top quality blogs and articles based around your niche are a must have for anyone looking to make a serious impact online and will leave your brand’s name, knowledge and ethos in the forefront of people’s minds. Content marketing and outreach is also the foundation of modern SEO and will help your Google rank as a result, becoming increasingly visible and giving you power over the competition.


We’ve all been there: Starting out and getting to grips with the choice of platforms, tools, approaches and processes takes practice, dedication and know how. Our training and support options can give you a fast track to social supremacy, if you’re looking to DIY but could do with a hand from someone who knows it all inside out. Check out our training and consultancy options and our Social Media Surgery for support as and when you need it.

Cheers, really helped my company and especially my marketing team see where we were missing opportunities (we were just scheduling posts up in Hootsuite). You truly reset our views on how Social Media should be managed. As we now know, we've put the "Social" back into Social Media! We took a fully managed package for 3 months then ongoing training during that period so we could transition into doing it in-house. We still use Pumped for consultation and for the data insights they can get.

Rick, FFitness Industry (NDA)

We knew from working with Mediaraft in the past that their new team dedicated to Social Media would live up to the same quality. We were looking for full management but brand growth as a whole. Pumped were able to tailor a package for fast growth across specific platforms. Now we have a great connection to our customers. Thanks, Pete.

Pete, SMarketing Manager, Cycling Industry.

After toying with multiple tools and reading hundreds of blogs (literally) I realised that I had spent months trying to get my Social Media to actually work, I wanted to delete my accounts at one point! I run multiple businesses and have a lot on my plate with a small team. Social Media is a full-time job if you want results, now I've got a team on it, I feel a huge weight off my shoulders as I'm seeing fast growth, more clicks and my email list is actually growing! So far, so, so good :D

Kate, EEntrepreneur

Full throttle Social Media Management

Rapid Growth And Brand Exposure

Results You Can See And Feel

We’re Pumped Social, a creative Social Media Agency based in Birmingham. We offer much more than just posting to your accounts, we’re here to help you follow it through with unparalleled website intelligence that tracks users to give them the best experience possible whilst encouraging sign-ups to grow a super targeted data rich email list for nurturing visitors and converting them into sales. Got any questions? Just ask, and we’d be happy to help.

What Our Social Media Management Entails

Perfectly Managed Social Media | Social Media Growth | Influencer Outreach | Improved Social Media Engagement | Email Marketing  | High Quality Content | Improved ROI | Enhanced Data Reporting | Facebook Ads Management | Plus Much More

What you really need to know is this

All of the above serve one objective, to help you or your company achieve growth, engagement and your unique primary goals. We get you where you want to be. By ensuring every inch of data is analysed, your budget can be shifted into areas that are performing best and bringing you more return on your investment.

Your success is our success.

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